Services Overview


  • Individual Therapy for Adult Women, College-Age Adults

  • Individual Therapy for Children/Teens (typically involves parents)

  • Career/Vocational Assessment for high school age through adults

  • Mental Health Workshops tailored to the needs of a school, agency, or church

  • Consultation


  • Children ages 8 and older

  • Adolescents

  • College-Age/Emerging Adults

  • Adult Women


Treatment to address the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress Management

  • Depression

  • OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

  • ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • Life transitions

  • Grief/Loss

  • Time management & Organization

  • Relational problems


Anxiety/Stress Management

Everyone can experience anxiousness from time to time. If you or your child are experiencing difficulties controlling your worries and are struggling with facing your fears it may be helpful to seek professional support to learn effective ways to manage those challenges. Dr. Singleton enjoys helping people overcome their fears and live bravely.


Depression can make people feel down in the dumps resulting in having a hard time keeping up with regular day-to-day activities such as homework, housework, or your career. Sleep, energy level, and appetite can all be affected by depression. Therapy can help you learn effective strategies to lift your mood and get back into living a more enjoyable life.


Have you or your child been obsessing over things that do not make sense or about an issue for way too long? Do you engage in unhelpful rituals or behaviors that may make you feel less anxious in the moment only to find the urge return again? Therapy can teach you skills for reducing the ever-so-frustrating obsessive-compulsive cycle so you can live freely again.


Do you or your child struggle with paying attention at school, work or in social situations? Does staying organized or keeping up with homework or work related deadlines seem impossible? Dr. Singleton can offer you tools for managing the executive functioning challenges that accompany ADHD. For parents, Dr. Singleton can offer solutions for supporting a child with ADHD.



Time Management & Organization

Do you need help establishing a process for meeting academic or work demands? Dr. Singleton can teach you time management and organizational skills to make life feel so much less stressful. 

Life Transitions/Changes

Sometimes life can bring a lot of changes; some are wanted and some are unwanted. Stress and difficulties coping often accompany change. Dr. Singleton can offer you support and tools for managing the ups and downs of life's storms.

Relational Problems

Would you like to communicate better with others, deal with conflict more effectively, forgive someone, or have more intimacy in your relationships? Let Dr. Singleton help you develop more effective interpersonal skills to meet those needs.


Experiencing a loss of a loved one can be overwhelming for many people with so many emotions and potential complicated circumstances. Some people do not know how to grieve appropriately or they do not have someone to process what they have experienced. Dr. Singleton will listen to your story and help you resolve any unhelpful emotions or thoughts associated with your grief.




Have you found it frustrating not knowing which direction to take with your career or educational pursuits? Career/Vocational assessment can offer a place to start this exploration by evaluating your interests, personality, and abilities. Dr. Singleton can develop a useful report for you to use as you search for the best career path. Career counseling support is also available to address any hangs ups associated with choosing or pursuing a career interest.

Psychological Evaluation

A comprehensive psychological evaluation (testing) provides invaluable insight into a client's current emotional/behavioral functioning and personality features in order to identify accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations, especially in complicated clinical presentations. Thorough evaluation, not rating forms alone, is a best practice approach for clarifying the presence of ADHD in adults or children. Gifted testing evaluates a child's intellectual functioning in order to be placed in the appropriate academic environment.